About the project

The Alpine Protected Areas – Together for the Alps

Since 1995, ALPARC, the Alpine Network of Protected Areas, is the umbrella organisation for over 900 protected areas in the Alps. The protected areas pool their technical, scientific and practical expertise, pursuing a shared strategy designed to raise public awareness of the need for conservation and sustainable development in the Alpine regions. They also work together on hot topical issues, such as restoring ecological connectivity and adapting to climate change.


An original and unique audiovisual joint creative piece

The multivision « for the Alps » is a joint project of ALPARC and around 20 managers or networks of Alpine protected areas .


A plea “for the Alps”: the multivision pays visual tribute to the diversity found in the Alps: landscapes, cultures, habitats, lifestyles, and the potential for creating links between these areas that are slowly being fragmented.

Like a sensible and aesthetic testimony, “for the Alps” is the basic of the dialog between local actors, protected areas administrator and visitors. The multivision takes the viewer on an unusual journey through the Alps, travelling from the lofty mountain heights to inhabited areas, from East to West, North to South. It is like being picked up and carried along at the will of the four winds.

Its ambitious aims are born of passion and leave the viewer with a deep sense of joie de vivre. We are sure that you too will want to bear witness to this shared culture and vision.


Some technical information

Duration: 23 minutes
Producer: Alex Rowbotham | AGR Digital Media  www.agrfoto.com
Original music composed by: Sandro Di Stefano
Original work designed in cooperation by 20 partners (see table) from six Alpine countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland
Nearly all photographs were taken by Alpine parks staff
Available in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Slovenian
The production will touch any and everyone.

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